Decided to treat son's extreme tiredness (has injections monthly) with 5000 mcg sublingual b12 and 1000 mcg folate..(folate was at 6 when last bloods were taken) no great improvement on tiredness issue, but anxiety has returned with a vengeance. Now reading on line that too much folate and B12 can cause this. Don't know what to do now! Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • are the supplements methylcobalamin and methylfolate - if so suggest trying hydroxo/cyano alternatives. Some people do report that methlylated forms make them more anxious (but there are also probably others who find it is the other way round for them)

    The folate dose is very high - and probably unnecessarily high if your son isn't deficient.

  • Yes they are the methyl ones, I will make the switch and reduce the dose and see how that goes. Thank you

  • I had severe anxiety with methylated vitamins. Some of us do. I do fine on normal vitamins.

  • Thanks for the reply :)

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