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went to the dr. today

I seen my gp today and he says my blood work was good and that he dont think my issue is to b12. problem is i was supplimenting prior for two weeks to having blood done again. i had stopped a week before getting blood work done. I have like 20 of the symptoms of low b12. i asked for copies of my blood work but something about they hadnt been scanned and they would send them in the mail this week si i want to see the numbers for myself. he said b12 was 512. but again i had supplimented weeks prior with 3000 mcg methyl. he is sending me to a hemotoligst because i know something is wrong and he is willing to do injections as they wont hurt me, but wants me to seen hemo dr. first. he said he dont want to mess up any test prior to me going....i guess this is good news but i want to feel better right now. he said in case its not b12 and something else he wants to wait so i agreed as long as it wont be months to get an appointment.....thank you all for your help and when i get the copy of my blood work i will be back. maybe i will learn enough to eventually help someone else because this sucks going through all this...hope everyone is doing well today or at least better than they were yesterday. i guess thats all we can hope for....talk soon..

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Thanks for the update Kimmyy.

Best to tell the haematologist how much B12 you have been supplementing as this can skew results for several - sometimes as long as six - months. They should take this into account and focus on your symptoms, not just your serum B12 levels.

Haematologist might like to test MMA and homocysteine - a better indicator of B12 deficiency - though these results can also be skewed once supplementation has taken place.

And we all know what a pain it is to have to wait so long so...good luck and hang on in there.

Let's us know how you get on and take care 👍


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