Does anyone know what Methycobal (Mecobalamin) injections are ?

Does anyone know what Methycobal (Mecobalamin) injections are ?

Is it equivalent to Hydroxocobalamin injections ? Is it just another form of B12 ? I mean same as Hydroxocobalamin/methylcobalamin and Cianacobalamin ?

I got it internationally and used it as B12, but it didn't help much at all. I used it for about 2-3 months weekly without much effect.

I normally inject Hydroxocobalamin which I can feel and has made a huge difference.

Was I using the wrong stuff for low B12 ?

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  • Im sure i will be corrected if wrong, but methyl is third up the chain in the break down of b12

    Cyan. Hydroxo. Methyl. Then adenosyl

    Different forms work differently and also differently on people.

    Hydroxo is the most stable and most tolerated and convertable.. seems methyl can cause headaches in some people if past posts are anything to go by. Think its Gambit who uses a combination of the above to get maximum relief from her symptoms. Me, i have used methyl based drops and patches and dont seem to have any side effects.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Does the spray work if you have absorbtion problems.

  • This is Dr Wilhelmina Rietsema's explanation :

    Active form of vitamin B12

    "Strictly speaking, the term 'vitamin B12' has been defined as cyanocobalamin. This form does not occur in vivo. Cyanocobalamin releases a cyanide group for every molecule of B12 that is used. However, it is incorrect that hydroxocobalamin is the active form of the vitamin.

    There are two active forms of the B12 enzyme in the human cell. First, Methylcobalamin acts as a co-enzyme for the conversion of homocysteine to methionine. Methionine then acts as a methyl-donor to a great number of reactions that need a methyl group, including the synthesis of myelin, serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin, DNA and phospholipids.

    Second, Adenosylcobalamin is a co-enzyme for the conversion of L-methylmalonyl-CoA into succinyl-CoA which feeds into the citric acid cycle.

    Is it important which form is used in treatment? In most people, it does not matter. They can convert cyano- and hydroxo-cobalamin into the active forms needed. However, I have recently reported a case in which it did matter. The severe vitamin B12 deficiency, including dementia and psychosis, responded to treatment with high dose oral methylcobalamin, but not to equally high dose oral hydroxocobalamin. [1] "

    1. Rietsema WJ. Unexpected Recovery of Moderate Cognitive Impairment on Treatment with Oral Methylcobalamin. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

  • I'm guessing but does not the 500μg signify the fact that it is only "half strength"?

    Maybe that is why you are not feeling any benefit.

  • I didn't realise it was 500ug, so it is half the strength so half the usual dosage compared to the normal 1ml I took of hydroxo so I need 2 injections at a time to compare effectiveness. I thought the ampules were all 1ml.


  • Hi Ryaan. The ml measurement referred to the volume of fluid that contains the B12. The ug measurement refers to the actual dose of the B12 (rather than the fluid it's suspended in).

    Note - ug is the same measurement as mcg.

    So 500ug is equal to 500mcg so you need double the dose to obtain 1000ug (or 1000mcg). And 1000mcg is equal to lmg - the dose of B12 you probably usually take (based on what you say)....suspended in 1ml of liquid.

    Most ampoules contain 1mg of B12 suspended in 1ml of liquid (though it is possible to get variations of B12 doses in different amounts of liquid (as examples 1mg in 2mls, or 1.5mg in 1ml...and so on).

    And I bet that is as clear as mud 🙃

  • 1000mcg is the dosage usually used with hydroxocobalamin and cyanocobalamin injections in the UK/US

    I am not sure what protocols would be in countries that use methylcobalamin.

    There was probably a patient leaflet that came with the product so suggest Ryaan that you read that.

    Some people do find that lower doses more frequently work better for them - so I'd suggest trying it and see how you go before deciding that you need to use multiple doses administered simultaneously - particularly as the rate of lost of B12 is higher the higher the amount in your blood is.

  • Ryann, sorry - just noticed that you had been using it for several months without effect - could be that you need to take it more frequently than hydroxo - eg given that it is a lower dosage - or genuinely could be that methyl doesn't work well for you and hydroxo works better. Would suggest you try more frequent rather than multiple dose for the reasons stated above.

  • Hi Gambit62 . Just to clarify...wasn't suggesting that Ryaan should take a double dose...just responding to his question (i.e. Is two 500mcg equal to his usual 1mg dose) 😄

    Agree that smaller more frequent doses work better for some people.

  • Thanks I didn't know that.

  • me is commonly used as a shorthand for methyl - so seems to be methylcobalamin.

  • I used this brand during a trip to Riyadh. The methyl was more active so the half dose 500 mcg/ml worked pretty much the same as my normal weekly cyano.

    The ampoules are wrapped in paper to keep out the light until use.

    I would just take them at half the interval of your normal injection if you feel that it doesn't last.

    don't take them two at one time to get to your normal dosage

  • Pvanderra. Not sure what you mean when you say 'the methyl was more active'...methylcobalamin is no more 'active' than any other form of cobalamin.

    Perhaps you mean that it worked well for you and gave good symptom relief. And that's good news 😄.

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