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First b12 injection experience

Just had my first b12 injection at the surgery.

It was a pleasant pain free experience but spoilt ever so slightly by the lack of understanding demonstrated by the nurse.

This is the same nurse who the receptionist consulted with to advise that loading doses aren't necessary. (I guess that's maybe right)

I asked her if I needed to wait after the injection with it being my first ever and she just said no why would you want to do that?

I said because it's the first one and she just said "it's only a vitamin you make in your body".......

The only advice I got was make an appointment in three months time.

I feel it's such a shame that a qualified nurse doesn't understand the basics of what they are giving patients regularly or how to advise on dietary basics.

More importantly though I fear this is the very reason why people remain un or undertreated.

Something must be done to educate everyone.

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Trouble is a lot of surgery doctors have a lack of understanding of it too. Ask them about diet changes or help with the 'fog' they havn't a clue, and they assume the injection will cure all symptoms.


It's a crying shame that a nurse doesn't realise that one of the defining points of a vitamin is that it isn't made in body (Vitamin D is a bit of a historical aberration).


What the hell does the receptionist have to do with your loading doses, and one injection only does not sound right. Doesn't it make you mad.

The nurse in my surgery snapped "If 5 loading injections don't improve things, 6 won't." Another person crossed off my visiting list at the surgery.


It's because I've been using sublinguals since I found out in November and trying to get injections but I've gotten my serum b12 up to 915ng/l on paper. The number is all they see sadly even though the tests are done while I'm still supplimenting.

An injection trial is a concession after lots of begging at the hospital.

The consultant did mention loading doses but it's not in his letter. It just says a trial at one every three months and he said I mustn't take any additional b12 during the trial......


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