Filter needles for self injecting

Hi Folks,

I'm after a bit more advice - now I've decided to SI I'm nervous about using. The correct procedure regarding needles.

I've already been given some great advice here, but my issue is regarding the use of a filter needle when drawing hydro up from an ampoule. All the reading I have done suggests you can get slithers of glass from breaking the top of the glass ampoules into your injectable solution. I was just wondering if anyone else uses filter needles or just a blunt fill needle before swapping to the actual injection needle?

Thanks in anticipation.


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  • None of the nurses that have given me my injections have used a filtered needle to draw it up.

  • They use a different needle at my surgery for the drawing up but I'm not sure if this is just a blunt, thicker needle or wether it had a filter!!

  • I'm in the same boat, did you find a solution? :)

  • No yet - hopeful that we will get some other perspectives on this then I can get some clarity and stop panicking 😳


  • the issue of filters comes up from time to time - personally its not something that I worry about but may be I'm just a bit gung-ho. I think it isn't so much of an issue with B12 injections as it can be with other injections and would probably be more important if doing IV and possibly IM (whilst I do subQ).

  • Thanks for the response Gambit62 - we must both be gung-ho as I have the same attitude - I just wanted to be doubly sure I wasn't going to cause myself more problems down the line😱


  • Filtered needles are needed if you're injecting anything made by dissolving a solid just before injection - to make sure no powder is taken up.

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