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Hi i am new to this blood analysis and keeping check my iron i was always concerned about because i always felt sick and tired which for the last four years had be blamed in fms.

However someone has flagged it in another board but the thing is i was tild it was a great improvement drom last results yet u wasnt told there was a problem or medicated. It would s the same with thyroid liver kidneys And even arthritis took an mri to prove no one believed me.

Id there is anything out if the norm can you help me understand thanks for your time x

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Have you discussed the results with your GP. It does look as if you may have a problem with iron but the results above aren't clear cut - as the haemoglobin content of your cells is actually quite good.

You can overdose with Iron so I really wouldn't recommend just supplementing without seeking professional medical advice .... which isn't what this forum is about.

angeldebs in reply to Gambit62

I have seen my GP who when it was very low didn't inform me.

I am asking for advice here to see if anyone can tell me have i any need to worry or should i go to a lab?

I don't understand what the last part means "which is not what this site is for"? I was adviced to ask here im not sure what it means.


takaAdministrator in reply to angeldebs

I think what Gambit62 meant that this is a forum for support but is not somewhere you can get medical advice from. We are all just here to learn more and help and support each other while living with the autoimmune disease pernicious anaemia or a B12 deficiency and whatever other problems this may lead to. Pernicious anaemia is a different medical condition to iron deficiency anaemia.

You say you always feel sick and tired. While this may well be due to some of your other multiple medical issues have you had your B12 levels tested recently? Sadly the symptoms can be very similar to iron deficiency, thyroid or other problems so it may not be easy to work out which is causing them:


It is not entirely clear from your results above whether you may have an issue with iron. Maybe go back to your GP and see if they will do further tests, for example ferritin and / or an iron panel to help clarify what (if anything) is going on concerning iron? I'd second Gambit62 in saying that too much iron can be harmful so supplementing iron should really be done under medical supervision.

Good luck.

Thats fine ive been mislead the nature of the group i wsnt overriding my doctor merely asking opinions of those well read on tbe subject. Like i said i came to the wrong place apologies it explains why the measage was so hostile, she did not think i had any business posting here, i did not realise it was for a specialist type of iron or B12 which im sure is not right either but the other boards found the iron an issue this must go beyond that. But generally i was just looking for help sorry to bother her.

Gambit62Administrator in reply to angeldebs

I am sorry if you felt that my reply was hostile - it certainly wasn't intended that way - and as taka said the last phrase was a reference to the fact that this forum is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

I also dont think i suggested in anyway that I intended to self medicate with iron i wanted the knowledge to return to him. However plently are here taling about does quanties and 'self care' here even though its not what i meant.

Not to worry thanks any way


Sorry if we came across as hostile in any way, it is not what was meant. :-( The iron thing was a gentle heads up about it rather than implying you were self supplementing, or doing anything wrong. Apologies if that didn't come across very well.

This group is here to support people with pernicious anaemia / B12 deficiency but those frequently co exist with other issues like thyroid problems and / or iron deficiency anaemia too which is I think why you were probably directed here. It can be really difficult to work out what may be causing your symptoms especially if many of them have very similar symptoms.

Please do discuss your ferritin/ iron (and possibly your B12 levels too) with your GP and please feel free to post here again if you have any questions. :-)

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