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Update on decision to self inject

Firstly, thanks to all replies to my last post about 7 days ago regards Gastro appointment.

I have started injecting every other day, and can feel a definite improvement in my moodswings, especially irritability ( which my poor Wife bore the brunt ) I also feel calmer and sleep better at night, although I `m not exactly ready to start marathon running yet ( or ever ).

I am taking a broad spectrum multi-vitamin with minerals to help the B12 work, and eat a banana with some orange juice in morning when `popping` my other meds.

As regards the actual deed of injecting, can anyone confirm it`s normal to sometimes hit a painful spot ( I re-site ), and have had a couple of incidents of bleeding on extraction, with one resulting in a 1" dia bruise ?

Also, as I have very little fat over my thigh muscle, would I get away with a smaller injection than the 23g x 1 " I`m using ? ( doesn`t hurt, but is more uncomfortable than when nurse injected into shoulder )

Many thanks,


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are you injecting intra-muscular or subcutaneous?

if you hit a veing then there will be some bleeding and it is quite possible to hit a small vein - particularly if doing subQ


I`m injecting I.M., and looking back, the 2 `bleeds` seemed to be from near the surface as could almost see a swelling ( a small vein )?

Like a lot of others, since self injecting, some symptoms feel worse and also having `new` symptoms, ie aches and pains. Probably nerves waking up and sending stronger signals me hopes !

Should I tell the Neuro that I have started to Self I nject ( because fed up of waiting since supposed diagnosis of P.A. in October 2016 and waiting for 2 G.P`s and now a Neuro, to decide if I`m going to be treated as per guidelines ) ?


medics treating you really need to have the full picture so probably best to tell people though can't guarantee what the reaction will be.

Hope wedgewoods suggestion about thinner needle helps


Your doctor needs the whole picture, so tell them. Does not matter if they disagree with you, they simply need to know. My doctor strongly disagrees with my self injecting weekly, but she's learned to live with it :-)

Be careful about where you inject. There are specific areas that contain nerves. To hit a nerve can be very bad and extremely painful, I know from experience. If unsure, look it up!


You can use a thinner needle i.e. 25 gauge . I do , and it works very well .

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I have very little fat, so I use a purple 25G 1" needle for injections.


I have been injecting my daughters for a few years, sometimes they bleed or a little b12 escapes and sometimes not. Sometimes it hurts quite a bit, and other times not. If you are quite thin then the needle will hit the muscle sooner, so maybe it doesn't need to go all the way in. I am quite thin and I push it most of the way in -sometimes it hurts and other times not.

As for the supplements; make sure you're taking at least 5mg folic acid if you're injecting alternate day or daily, and make sure you multi does not have more than 10mg of B6 in it,(b6 is the one that can be toxic at high levels as it is not expelled as the others are, and is stored). A good b complex would be best.

Make sure you get a good lot of potassium in your diet, not tablet form.


Hi I inject IM at least I think I do (that's the aim) lol. I sometimes have a really sore one and I take it out and re-site also (also change needle). I have had about 3 which have bled all over the place so assume in those cases I've hit a vein. It also bruises when this happens. I have to re-do or I would completely lose my botte! I have read on lots of the forums that it doesn't really matter if you do inject into a vein so I try not to worry about it too much.


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