Bloods 'below range' but no action

Bloods 'below range' but no action

I picked this up from the GP today, with the message that I should go back in three months for a repeat. No treatment. I went because I'm breathless and tired again.

I'm self injecting b12 two or three times a week (GP gives 8 weekly jabs), and I'm taking a daily multivitamin with iron and extra folate. I tried some extra iron a few weeks back, but it upsets my IBS. My ferritin is 37 (range 20-291).

Help! I can see I'm going to have to take control of this myself, so any advice about supplementation gratefully received.

Thanks all!

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  • HB is low. Haematocrit below range. I notice the B12 etc was not done.

    Does your GP know that you cannot tolerate oral iron etc?

  • The surgery didn't even want me to take iron, just said to return in three months!

    They didn't do b12 as I'd just had my GP-endorsed jab, so the levels would have been sky high and wouldn't tell us anything.

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