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Going for surgery

Morning all :)

Question is at the end of this post, however I just wanted to say for anyone doubting SI but needing it, please go for it. I had so much trouble before I started SI - balance, vision, fatigue. It was awful! Since November when I started, I've lost a stone, have more energy, improved symptoms (as long as I keep on top of the injections), better moods and just this feeling of relief that I can function again.

Anyway, my question - I go for surgery on Monday, I've shown my other half how to inject me because I won't be moving my arms much for a week. However, I bruise easily and every random time I SI I have a tiny bruise . Should I stop a few days before my surgery incase they ask about them? And what should I say if they ask when the last docs one was?

Thanks in advance 😁

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I suggest telling them the truth. Others may disagree. I am not an expert however so would be interested in other people's opinions on this myself though.

All the best with the surgery.


If its working for you then my opinion would be to carry on. Tell them that you do it if asked. Giving the reasons why and how you feel so much better health wise.

You never know, you might actually get a 'good one', who understands.


You need to be healthy for the operation - and that means ensuring that your B12 levels are adequate so would continue if I was you. As for any questions - deal with them when they come up - if the bruise is small then I doubt it is going to be raised as an issue.

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