Finally did the si deed

After two months of thinking about it finally did the deed Was scared ****less mostly I think about getting air in I think If I still alive tomorrow will hav another go Followed what everyone had said about letting the swab patch dry and it was at room temp same one I get from docs Cos it on my numb leg never felt a thing Yes my biggest worry was the air

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  • Don't worry about the air. Air is only dangerous if it gets into the veins (and you'd normally need a lot more than the tiny amount you may inject). You are injecting into the muscle, which has very,very few large blood vessels. Have a look at a slice of ham - which is very much like your own leg muscles. You'll need a microscope to see the tiny blood vessels in that bit of muscle.

    Somewhere I posted a link to a nursing website where they state that it's not a problem with IM or SC injections.

  • Just got to pluck up the courage to do it again

  • Just got my B12 now got to order needles - scared!

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