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Self injecting

I was diagnosed with PA 2 years aga after years of feeling unwell and numerous trips to the doctor

I now recurve injections every 3 months but find they are not enough and after around 3-4 weeks symptoms return

My doctor refuses to give me more frequent injections and has even mentioned stopping them altogether

I supplement with methylcobalamin from holland and Barrett which just about drags me through to next jab

I want to self inject but have no idea where to source what I need

Can anybody help me please?


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I am just about to do the same thing, I've read a couple of threads on here about sourcing from a reliable place, but will be watching this post for a clear answer before ordering tomorrow. I too would be very grateful for an answer.

I have syringes and needles from a nurse friend, just need to order the ampoules.

A brand name or picture would be a great help from any of you lovely knowledgable SI-ers ☺️


I have no idea where to source any of it and my doctors are no help whatsoever

Let me know how you get on please x


Thanks so much Hun

Which b12 do you get from the site please?


I get the Rotexmedica 1000ug in 1ml. The link is for 100 ampoules

You can also buy 10 ampoules but the cost for postage is the same, so 100 is much better value.

They came with an expiry date of 30 months, so you may not get to use them all in that time.


So sorry to go on, but which specific ones would you recommend from your own use please?


This post also has some info too:

Sorry, I'm afraid I've not self injected before so am not much help!


Hi, I am also new here but have been recommended by a friend who also has PA to look on this website

She orders ampoules from here to self inject and they only rely on donations. The support material and information is also really good. I've just placed an order for some ampoules as my PA has gotten so bad recently and reading the symptoms here made me feel I am not alone and help is out there.

I hope this helps you too.


Thanks so much to everyone

I have now sourced the materials and they should arrive by next tues

Looked in youtube for how to inject

So wish me luck!!


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