Latest bloods

Latest bloods

Hi I'm posting my latest bloods just for an opinion. Last time in Jan my b12 was 666 pmol and id taken a weeks break off supplements. This time I continued to suppliment until the day of the test then took it after the test.

I've switched to hydroxycobalamin sublinguals (500mcg daily) now and do feel an improvement even though my levels have dropped. I do still have very tired eyes but definitely more energy and can stand up without my heart pounding and seeing black.

Thyroid Uk forum say my thyroid levels are spot on thankfully 😅

Folate was 14.73 in January and ferritin was 219.2 (same reference range as above)

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  • You need to increase Vit D. 8000 IU D3 and K2 assuming Vit A is ok. retest bloods after 6 weeks.

  • There is an asterisk by your Vitamin D results which means the lab thinks your GP should take notice of this result.

    What has your Gp said about your vitamin D levels?

  • Rather annoyingly my Gp practice won't take notice of or allow private blood tests to be entered onto my records or act upon them.

    I had a b12 of 153pg but was left to self treat with tablets because they won't accept any test but ones they do.

  • Will your GP test your Vit D themselves if they won't believe your private blood test results?

  • As it's insufficient rather than deficient I'm just going to suppliment d3 on the advice of the lab doctor and recheck it in a few months.

    I'm seeing a hospital physician next month so I'll take all my private test results to that appointment.

    My gp's don't seem very interested in anything I take to them.

    I fear they made their minds up a while ago that I suffer from stress and anxiety and attribute everything to that.

    They're dismissive of anything nutritional/deficiency wise.

    Thank you taka

  • If you do supplement Vitamin D3 make sure you also take vitamin K2.

    How about changing your GP?

  • I had a vitamin d test done at the Gp surgery in 2015. When I rang for the results i was told they didn't test the vitamin d because my calcium levels were ok.

    I found out a year later at the chronic fatigue clinic when they showed me my computer screen that the lab report said 'clinical deficiency' and the Gp had typed onto it 'no further action'.

    They're great like that

    I had a b12 of 146pg in 2012 too but they've just said it was a little low and needed retesting. They gave no advice on testing etc so I took b12 in between the two tests. They then said it was normal so I stopped supplimenting.

    It took my until 2016 and a private test to find out I was still really low 153pg.

    You'd think a level of 146pg would have made alarm bells ring yet I'd been back lots of times feeling poorly and they never tested my b12 once.

    I'm now living with what I fear are the consequences of that.

    It's so disappointing when you read about how important early intervention is. I can only dream of how different things might of been if the Gp had been more b12 aware.

    They refuse to treat it too because my last test there trumps the private one and puts me into range.

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