My latest blood test and thanks

My latest blood test and thanks

Hi all

Thanks for the below help trying to explain that I dont have to have a blood test saying Aneamia to have PA... I thought I would share my latest Thyroid blood test that included a B12 level... When I got the 1st BlueHorizon test my B12 was 93... It is on my profile and as I can only add one pic here is my latest blood result... After SI and having the 3 month GP jabs... I do feel better since being on the GP jabs and my own... I jab once a week... Thank you for all the help, I know that the large amount showimng in my blood tells us nothing other than it is present, but I was happy to see the number rise... Hugs all Jo

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  • Excellent news Scorpiojo...going in the right direction at long last.

    Hurrah 👍

  • As we know... It's not what is in the blood re B12... Hoping the Folate is near what it should be though 😁 Thanks

  • Oop...didn't spot the folate. And for some very odd reason, I just ignored all your results. Sorry for that 😀.

    No reference ranges given but it looks as if folate might be a little low. Are you taking any folate? Suggest 400mcg a day, or 800mcg if already taking the 400mcg dose.

    Also - ferritin a bit low. Could do with getting it up to 100. Perhaps GP would prescribe iron supplements. Best done under GP supervision as too much iron can be as bad or worse than too little. Usual to give a three month course then check ferritin levels three months after completion.

    C Reactive Protein (CPR) - inflammatory marker - slightly raised. Could be due to infection or developing/resolving inflammatory condition. GP will probably say nothing to worry about because it's only a little raised. If he doesn't want to investigate further at this stage, perhaps best to repeat test in three months to check status. (CPR not a diagnostic test - just an indicator that inflammation is present, which should be investigated further to find cause).

    Everything else look okay 👍

  • Agree, ferritin is too low and may be causing fatigue.

  • Going to take some more Gentle iron Thanks guys 😊 x

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