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Recommend a UK haematologist?

Hi there, hope you're all still doing ok!

I'm looking into possible issues with anemia as my ferritin levels are quite low:

Serum ferritin level 21 ug/L [23.0 - 300.0]

Usual symptoms: fatique, hair loss, sore tongue, depression (I'm male btw).

Being seeing a couple of GP's. but not have any luck in them taking me seriously. Can anyone recommend a private haematologist in the UK? Someone who is up to speed on the latest research, etc.

Many thanks.

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ferritin is a protein that binds to iron enabling the body to use it - whilst low levels can be indicative of an iron deficiency this isn't always the case.

haven't looked back through previous posts - sorry about that - but are you receiving treatment for B12 absorption problems and, if you have been identified as having an iron based anaemia, what steps were taken to identify the reason why your iron was low?

Most likely you have an absorption problem and if that is the case then referral to a gastro might be more fruitful than a haemo ... though I'm afraid I don't actually have a recommendation for either.

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Thanks, I'm going based off of my ferritin levels, and feeling like crap all the time.

I'm afraid the Dr's have given up on me so going private is the only option.

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