Finally the Doctors and Haematologist are listening

I have kept on at my Doctors, downloaded documents and circled what I wanted them to take note of.  Symptoms that we all suffer with and at the end have told them that 12 weeks interval between jabs is not enough B12 to keep the symptoms at bay.  I found that printing off pages from the NICE website helped.  I have kept on at them and told them I am self-injecting and I have improved my health by doing it my way.  They have finally agreed to let me have them 8 weekly and if that is not enough I can go to 6 weekly.  So be a nuisance, print off documents to help your case and do not give up.  If we give up no one will ever listen to us or understand what we or the next person are going through.  Good luck to all.

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  • "They have finally agreed to let me have them 8 weekly"

    Well done for persevering. It can take a long timemaybe even years to get doctors to consider the possibility of b12 deficiency.

  • I have been trying for nearly a year to get B12 injections. Am seeing the nurse practitioner today to arrange a referral to a haematologist. My son is 18 and we are seeing the doctor today to ask for more B12 injections for him. He has had the 6 loading doses and they had only agreed to do them 12 weekly now. He still has neurological symptoms so should have daily or alternate days until symptoms improve. We only got these appointments because I told them I was going to sit in that doctors waiting room until I got justice/treatment for my son. Watch this space. 

  • How annoying. Surely your doctor cannot be limiting the injections because of cost. As the cost of injections is minimal?

    If so find another source.

  • I had neurological symptoms that didn't improve until I started self injecting but to get the doctors to finally admit it was because of my B12 deficiency and that treatment should be continued until symptoms disappeared was like banging my head against a wall.  It was only when I printed off a list of symptoms from the NICE website that they took notice.  Keep at them and hopefully they will listen.  Try and go in with as much information and knowledge as you can as my haematologist said it was obvious that I was well read on the subject and it was then they started listening.  Good luck

  • I have a 21 yr old son that is presenting symptoms of PA- most concerning is numbness in his left foot. Would you please post the link for the webpage on NICE's site for the symptoms so I can show his doctor? His b12 level came back at 412  and I know from my own research that even if the levels are in the "normal" range it doesn't indicate the body is absorbing it properly.

  • oh do let us know what happens,

  • Yeah! It's good to hear of another doctor coming round. It's a shame that so many need to be beaten around the head with info beforehand, but every small victory is another step toward winning the war. 

  • So pleased you have got some treatment in place. We shouldn't have to fight for this. In 1974 b12 injections were done every 4 weeks. You can top up with a B12 spray from holland and barrett that costs £12 and so simple just four squirts under your tongue. You cannot overdose on B12 so this can be used alongside the Injections. Hope you see an improvement soon.

  • Hello B12

    What kind of B12 is in the spray?



  • Methylcobalamin is in the spray.

  • Well done with your perseverance. 

  • I have been very fortunate, my doctor, listened to me & was willing gor me to load up every 6 weeks. 

    I am pleased & happy for you as you will feel 100 per cent fitter.

  • I think I might come and live near you!!!!

  • I took to my GP copies of both of the petitions which are underway.

  • I hope this made a difference for you. I soo empathise, with you & anyone else, who is in this ptedicament.

  • Very well is very frustrating but I m afraid this is the road we have to go down.

    I haven t told my GP that I m self injecting yet but I will...he won t be pleased but we have to go on raising awareness.

  • Nor have I, informed my doctor, I am taking supplements. It works!!

  • Well done pleased for you

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