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Please advise

I have posted before . I had feet and hands dumbness p, pins and needles for months, years probably. Although my first B12 was 422? I without checking paper work , I was advised to top up by thyroid UK. Had TT last year.

Also had burning mouth and tongue which used to drive me mad😡

Used B12 plus b complex and, wow, lost those awful symptoms. Last blood test put me at 1250mcg so was advised to maybe ease back, take 4 or 5 times a week.

I had used 5000mcg til about late November when I continued on 1000mcg.

Anyway within 2 days I had hints of a hot mouth and slight pins and needles with some cramping in toes, that was a thing of the past also.

I had Sub total colectomy 15 yrs ago and then right hemicolectomy 10 yrs ago.

Question is , I think , would this account for my high need to supplement ??

I understand overdoses isn't a problem? Obviously my course of action is to continue and keep symptoms at bay. Just wondered about any comments from this wise forum

Thank you

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if the surgery compromised the ileum then could lead to an absorption problem as the ileum is the place where most B12 is absorbed.

B12 is stored in the liver and released back into the ileum in bile for reabsorption but this is compromised as well if the ileum is compromised - though it does mean that it can take years or even decades for an absorption problem to develop into a full blown deficiencyl


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