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GP has stated that I know more than he does re Pernicious Anaemia !!!

Just returned from GP, as follow up to 5 loading shots over 5 weeks and a re-test for IFA positive ( 10/10/16 ) and B12 level ( 340 @ 10/10/16 ).

The Lab did not test for IFA saying n/a, but tested for Parietal Cell Anti ( again ) which was positive ( again )

GP does not believe I have a B12 deficiency , even though he Admits I am symptomatic for P.A. ?! He will not give more jabs as now above 200, and wants to send me to a Endocrinologist ( to get to the bottom of this )

He then admitted that I know more than him about PA, at which point I gave him a copy of Martyn Hoopers book, ` what you need to know about Pernicous Aaemia`.

I then told him I will have to treat myself.

Taking Wife out for a meal now, feel like getting drunk ( but can`t )

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Well done Barry1955 for educating your doctor with Martyn Hooper's book. Let's just hope he bothers to read it :(

I don't suppose he's checked you Folate levels as this is essential to process the B12.


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