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PA and dental problems?

Hi everyone. I was recently told I had pernicious anemia after suffering from symptoms for years. Over the past maybe 3-4 years my dental health has gone down drastically. Almost every tooth has a cavity and many need extensive work or extractions. I'm only 31 and considering implants or dentures of the entire mouth, that is how bad it is. It is very hard to eat without pain. I don't understand how this could have happened as I have always and still do take very good care of my teeth. I also eat a healthy diet and do not eat junk food sodas etc.

I also have issues with iron and vitamin d defiencies but those have been treated and in normal ranges for a long time now. I also supplement b12 as well. I still even take iron and vitamin d just to maintain levels so I don't get defiencies.

I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or knows of any link with PA and dental issues?

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My brother and I have always had poor dental health ... and my father seems to have had the same problem. I had my first extraction when I was 2.

Problems got worse just before I was diagnosed and have been somewhat less - particularly in terms of gum problems - since I was diagnosed.

I don't know if my father had PA but his symptoms were very similar to mine during his life time ... my brother doesn't have a formal diagnosis but certainly finds using a nasal spray to top up his B12 levels useful.

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Hi Yogamom1 - I worked in the dental field for almost 29 years, 22 as a dental hygienist. In my experience, I do not connect the problems you are having with PA. It may be. But it could be something else going on with you medically, also. Especially if your diet and oral hygiene are good. For example, people with dry mouth can have extreme problems with dental decay. Please ask your medical professional about any possible connections between your health and the dental problems. I am sorry you are having such problems, best wishes.


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