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B12 via Nebuliser - anyone tried?!

Hi all,

I'm a crohns sufferer of many years, had my ileum out nearly 20 years ago so have been having b12 shots on the usual 3 monthly cycle. In the last few years I've been getting, what I feel, are classic low b12 symptoms, but at random points - so not just before my shot is due - 4-6 weeks, 7-8 weeks in etc..

My regular blood tests have never shown that I'm low (from memory, in the 700 range) but I've never had the blood serum test...

I don't absorb it naturally, and I don't think sublingual is the most efficient way to absorb, so another idea I'd heard about was nebulizing directly into the lungs. I haven't, as yet, run it past my GP (will probably be horrified if I do...) but I was concerned about using liquid B12 inhaling the other ingredients in the formulation.

I've read about people nebulizing b12 & Glutathione, but nothing as to the direction of the b12 formula.

Has anyone any experience with this? Any info? I'd be so grateful...

Many thanks!


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