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Does anyone here buy products other than B12 from

I am thinking particularly of prescription medicines - with a UK prescription.

If you have any doubts about posting responses, and we would not welcome public responses over on Thyroid UK, please send me a Private Message.

[Afraid every time I see the name posted, I start to read it as vers and vers... :-) ]

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Can we get UK prescriptions filled in Germany?


In general terms, yes.

For a specific situation, it will depend on several factors. Such as the willingness of the pharmacy to accept, the classification of the medicine, etc.

Many years ago, private prescriptions used to consist of a doctor's scrawl on a piece of paper - sometimes letterheaded, sometimes not. I doubt that sort would be accepted.



Wondering if I could persuade my GP to print a prescription for T3, & send it to the pharmacy you mentioned.

Do you know if anyone has anyone done this?


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