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Optovite B12

Just wondered if anybody has experience of Optovite B12 (Cianocobalamina). I am in Spain and my normal injection for B12 is well overdue and I am feeling the effects. Have asked the Pharmacist and he has given me these. They can be either via intramuscular - subcutanea profunda - oral. He suggested oral. Amazingly cheap to buy here, however I don't know if they are the right thing. Have to say the ampoules look just the same as my nurse gives me at home by injection.

If anybody has experience of these would be grateful to hear.

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I'm not medically qualified but have been having injections of cyanocobamalin 1000mcg (1mg) B12 for 45 years and I assume that it is the same as your "Cianocobalamina".

Cyanocobamalin is the original form of B12 given to P.A. patients and needs to be injected every four weeks as opposed the the 12 weeks recommended for the hydroxocobamalin in common use in the UK.

You will need to ensure that you have a healthy level of Folate once you start injecting as this is essential to process the B12. Perhaps have a word with your doctor or friendly pharmacist about supplementing with folic acid.

I hope this helps and I wish you well


Thank you for your reply. I think Cianocobalamina B12 is the Spanish equivalent to yours, 1000 mcg. I have three monthly injections in the UK which I will have on my return with the nurse at our practice. This is a supplement, which I am taking orally to help as my injection is overdue, however I will heed your advice about folic acid and check levels.

As a matter of interest this cost me 2.40 euros for 5 ampoules



I am from Barcelona and since diagnosed was prescribed Optovite monthly. Oral is useless for me, I have to inject intramuscular (subcutaneous does not work). It is perfectly safe to use Optovite, and you can also buy the needles at any pharmacy. You don't need a prescription for any of those.


Reading previous answers: yes, cianocobalamina is cyanocobalamin.


I am from Madrid & have PA/Vit B12 deficiency . Doctor prescribed Optovite monthly injection only. so in my view we can use though I am not sure, any other alternative injection available in Spain


Not over the counter, you could find hydroxocobalamin but is not easy. I tried the nasal spray and felt dizzy, so I go on with ciano. And I've started also taking folic a. tablets, even if my doctor answered "NO!" when I asked if those were needed (I know they cannot harm me, standard dosage). I trust clivealive and his long experience with this illness. Also, I self-inject every 3 weeks, but get headaches the last or two last days so maybe I'll switch to 2 weeks.


understood & get well soon, my friend.


Thank you all for your replies. I took one ampoules in some water, orally, and it made me feel quite unwell, stomach pains, and a mild headache, so do not think will risk it again. Is it correct that Ciano is cyanide based or have I imagined that, thought I read it somewhere. Anyway don't think it is for me. I already have quite a few issues and suffer from tinnitus from time to time, bouts of sickness for no real reason, tiredness, concentration problems.

I think I am better to just stick with the injections I get from my surgery which I think are the hydroxcobalmin mentioned. I couldn't inject myself I don't think. Do not know how else I can boost my levels.

Thank you for your suggestions.


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