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Buying Hydroxocobalimin whilst in The Cech Republic on Holiday

I am off to Cech republic this weekend. I will try buy Hydroxocobalamin for my mother. Does anyone know if there any restrictions flying and bringing it back into UK. How much can I purchase? I will be buying it in a Pharmacy will it be safe good quality. I have never bought it to give to my mum before I am worried. Thank you for any advice.

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I have never had any problem at all in bringing back quantities of B12 ampoules from Germany. You could bring 100x1ml in your cabin luggage , as long as you put them in your plastic bag that has to be put separately with other liquids . Or if you would rather you can put them in the cargo luggage . It is after all a harmless vitamin .


strictly speaking the legislation that allows people to obtain injectable B12 from outside the UK for personal use only applies for personal use. However, unlikely that any action would be taken and you can always say it is for your personal use if asked.


I think this is the relevant bit:

(6) Paragraph (1) does not apply to a person who imports a medicinal product for administration to himself or herself or to any other person who is a member of that person’s household.

It appears from use of the word "person" that your pets wouldn't be covered!


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