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With regards my last question, I have just reread the transport info to send the sample to St Thomas and I am wondering if the practise nurse will just give me the sample to post or will she need to freeze it first.

Can anyone please advise the correct procedure for sending as I am confused and really don't know to say to the nurse, or should she know from the information sheet that Denise sent me how to go about it.

Many thanks browny

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Hi Browny

As I understand it, if you simply post a blood sample off to London, then you have to get it to the lab within a maximum of 24 hours. This means that you need to take the sample as late as possible in the afternoon, say 4.30pm and then get it into 1st class post guaranteed next morning delivery, in that way, the lab will have it in time and the sample will be ok. On the other hand, if you send the sample to you local hospital lab, have Serum separated and then frozen, the sample will remain ok for up to 3 days. If you choose to go the 24 hour route, then do not forget to check on the time of your last post with your local Post Office. If you require further clarification, then may I suggest you call Denise O'blien on 0207 188 7188, and she will E-mail you full instructions I have no doubt, or simply take the sheet from Denise with you to your nurse.


Hi B12Turbo

Many thanks for your reply, the form from Denise says "Serum may be shipped ambient (maximum 16 hours in transit), at +2-8 degrees C (wet ice) - stable up to three days, or frozen (dry ice)"

Even if I get the sample taken late afternoon then post it for guaranteed next morning delivery it will still be over the 16 hours. I do not like to bother Denise as I am aware of how busy she is but I will send an email for clarification.

Thankyou browny


Hi Browny

I've just come in and saw your reply, I rang Denise and she agrees with the details I've given you, the 16 hours is a conservative figure, she also tells me she's E-mailed you and your getting a referral letter sorted.

So you should be fine if your G.P. plays ball. Hope it all goes well for you.

Best regards



Many thanks for ringing Denise, yes she did email me, so I feel better now knowing I can post guaranteed next day delivery. Still waiting on the referral letter, hoping it will be ready for tomorrow.

many thanks again, I really do appreciate your help,

Best wishes browny



Your very welcome and very lucky if your G.P. is going to refer you that easily / quickly. Hope it all goes well.


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