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Finally got Blood Test Results.... not B12, then ?

After an unbelievable amount of faffing about, the newest test result came back from St Thomas`s ... and then, because they`d "lost the others" at the Doc`s... the whole lot had to be resent from the local hospital. Hurrah!

So, I am led to believe that I am NOT B12 deficient. For your perusal...

Homocysteine 12.20 umol/L ....(range 0.00-15.00) "within reference range"

Intrinsic Factor Antibody...Negative.

Methylmalonic Acid ...."concentration within reference intervals, satisfactory functional B12 status at this time"

Active B12 ...119 pmol/L (25-108) "Vitamin B12 replete"

They didn`t do a Full Blood Count because they didn`t take enough blood. Duh !!! but it probably doesn`t matter for now.

Neuro Apt in Jan, Gastro Apt in 4-6 months!

Next, after Christmas, I`ll have a Vit D test done (but I can send that away myself) and if it ain`t that, I will start all over again with Thyroid tests.

Since taking the double dose of the Vitamin D(plus extras), I do feel much better and not so tired. Still had one recent migraine, but now the horrible walking pains and feet problems seem to have more "good days" in with the bad. Other weird things still remain.... like the fat pie-crust-edged tongue and the hands cramping and locking. If I don`t eat much in the evenings, I`m not so uncomfortable. I feel happier if I can just get out more, basically.

So I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.



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I'm glad SweetorDry that your prodigal results have been found and hope that all your symptoms are just down to a Vitamin D deficiency which is so easily treated.

I wish you well


Hi ... not sure if you already know but if you need just VitD test. Better You do a test kit for £28 in collaboration with West Birmingham NHS trust and their sublingual vit D sublingual spray is very good too. Best wishes.

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Hi pugdogs , yes that`s the one I was going to do. Thanks.


Any issues with monosodium glutamate? Also called "natural flavor" ? This gives me a whomping headache which can sometimes get migraine like if I'm low of B12 at the time.

Do you keep a logbook of all your food and drink? For me, the symptoms can appear up to 48 hours later because the gut is involved. Gluten and dairy can give me headache and brain fog about 24 hours after I eat them (by mistake).

Any new allergies?

If I've gotten too low on B12, I can get a pretty good headache about 3 hours after the injection. This symptom tells me I need more B12.


Hi pvanderaa,

I think I`m OK with MSG.( I don`t cook out of packets much, or eat savoury snacks.) We have a Chinese stir fry probably once a week , but it doesn`t seem to bring on any symptoms. So many things to think about in our modern diets.

I read somewhere that many problems are caused by our "novel" diets, i.e. eating a different meal every day of the week ( must be Tuesday! Curry on Friday..). If we ate like traditional cultures used to, the same starches and fruits every day (and meat when we caught some!) then our guts would be adapted to our diet. As it is, a lot of the things I like I have to eat in moderation...some fruit, cereals with seeds etc, some nuts, "interesting" bread, all tend to rush straight through me. (Tested neg for Coeliac.)

The migraines are a mystery, but I think worse if I lack sleep and feel tense (cause or effect?). They are mainly visual and sometimes I start to talk utter garbage.. not the words I want to say. Once I lost half my vision and, apart from the crushing headache, it was fascinating to see what my brain "made up" in the missing half. It filled in "backgrounds" but not objects, which I only realised by looking at a familiar advertising billboard which was missing words only on one side, but otherwise intact. I find the cooler and darker I can find a place to lie down, the better I feel. My late father used to suffer with migraines often, which we always blamed on his Bad Temper. Poor Sod. :(

Luckily, I am retired and not required to roll up at a place of work every day if I feel rough.

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And a very happy christmas to you, hope things improve in the new year


Believe the Brit guidelines say there is no gold std in testing--the clinical pic is most important. And individual requirements for b12 are vastly different. Levels as set apparently miss a significant population. Have you read the Pacholok book?

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@ Jeast. Yes, I have read both the books on B12 deficiency. I really wanted to believe that`s what my problem was. But I am now of the opinion, looking at those results, that it`s something else. My GPs seem to have been proved right, as much as I hate to admit it. Not that they have the faintest clue what IS (or has been) wrong with me, only what ISN`T.

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