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Doc appt with my daughter


What a most obnoxious doctor.

had my daughters appt with gp today to discuss low b12 result.

He wants her to try tablets then he test bloods in one month.

We said no thankyou because it will give false blood reading and he said well its that way or nothing at all.

He was so arragant I could of slapped him

When we left I said don't get that script don't take any supplements and then have bloods in a month.

Lisa said well what difference will a month make she's felt unwell for over a year.

So no change here and bloods in a month.

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oh goodness it makes my blood boil too to read how you and your daughter were treated. what's with these gp's......


It's feels like they don't want you to feel fit and well


Sorry the GP was so unprepared to listen.

What was the strength of the tablets the GP offered? - if it was the standard 50mcg cyano then actually that dose is going to be far to small to have any impact on results in someone who has an absorption problem.

Hope the bloods next month get the result needed, though frustrating that it continues to be a waiting game.



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We had the same but was offered nothing from gp but his arrogance. Write him a very pointed letter using the points the excellent folks on here give as advice. Quoting guidelines. It wound our gp up a treat but he did do a referral to see haemotologist. On the downside we had to go private to get my son treated but well worth it. Our Haematologist apt is on Wednesday. Hoping haemotologist will be on our side and a poke in the eye for gp!

Good luck xx


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