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Getting the needle!

I have a blog and wrote this poem for it and thought that you might all like it (I hope)

It's official!

I've got something new,

Yet another disease,

I'm feeling quite blue!

It's called Pernicious Anaemia,

A vitamin I lack,

And there's only one way,

To get it put back.

It involves jabs,

For the rest of my life.

I'm trying to get a grip,

But it cuts like a knife!

Without the jabs,

I will slowly die,

But I want to feel better,

I sigh, I want to cry!

My first injection,

The pink in the syringe,

In it goes,

It stings and I cringe.

Hours later,

I feel rather odd!

My brain is wired,

But my body is still tired.

I few injections later,

I'm feeling much brighter,

Maybe it's working,

I'm feeling much lighter!

Yes, my body is better,

Much less pain,

I'm happier,

A much clearer brain.

So when my next jab is due,

I'll take it with glee,

Because I'm happy to say,

I'm feeling more like ME!

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And before it gets a bit too late,

Don't forget to check your Folate :)

Well done topazrat you're a poet and didn't know it.


I went to the doc,

I checked my folate,

It came back quite high,

Which is so great!

I take a daily tab,

To keep it in check,

I swallow it daily,

Right down my neck!

I know I'm a poet,

I write with such glee

Put my thoughts into rhyme,

It's really so me!

It's just a shame I couldn't get the spacing to work !


If you use the upper shift when pressing return at the end of a line you will get single line spacing


Still can't get it work, but hey ho, it's still readable :)


I'm on a laptop/PC.

You can highlight by using the Control (ctrl) key and U (underline) I (for italics) and B (for bold) having first blocked the word/sentence/paragraph


if you use a hard carriage return - just the enter key - then HU puts in a line-spacing. If you use a soft carriage return - Shft+enter - you don't get the addtional line spacing

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Thanks for that clivealive I wondered how some could bold and underline stuff!


Topazrat , love your poems.

As you can see, Clivealive, I'm also learning new typing, how to get out?? Okay, got it.


Thank you Cherylclaire If you want to read more, my blog is called Serendipity Says - it's easy enough to find. Google knows all! I'm not sure if I should link it here :)

I haven't put much on for a few months because I haven't been feeling up to it, but now I'm feeling better, hopefully I can start to get back to posting.


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