The pains back ☹️

Hi all,

So I took the b12 injection last sat and have felt so much better all week. I was waiting for it to clear from my blood so I can book the private blood test this week for the intrinsic factor. Trouble is the pains back today :(

Exactly 7.5 days later and my neck and shoulders are in agony. I'm tempted to quickly take another shot of the b12 for a quick fix rather then order the blood test and not take the injection as it will confuse the results. I want to take the jab but to be quite honest the jabs are not even mine. My friends suffers from PA and they are ordered from abroad so i feel a little guilty asking for another shot a week later. What to do?? 😩

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  • Can you go for the test tomorrow morning and a jab straight after?

    And I think your friend won't mind, as she'll know what's it like..

  • No sadly I'm working so can't go for the test tomorrow and I don't intend to get tested by my doctors as they are absolutely time wasters. I'm going to order the test from blue horizon this week and take that one.

  • ah ok. I don't know how long it takes between ordering the test and taking it? If that's a week, then take the jab tomorrow.

  • How long will the b12 remain in my blood? Does anyone know. Then I can take a shot tonight and order the test tomorrow, at least I will

    Be able to function at work tomorrow.

  • I took the hydro one by the way

  • B12 remains in the blood for many months, but you're testing antibodies, not B12 so then a week is enough.

  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Quick fix it is then :)

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