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Relationship with a PA sufferer

Hi all, I'm in a new relationship with a PA sufferer, at rhetoric beginning it felt like she was pushing me away but now reading about her PA it seems remarkably like it's the PA causing her to be like this, I can't and won't let PA end our relationship, I love her, but PA is the wedge between us, or breaks my heart to watch this happening, O meet guidance please, I love her so much and I won't let PA claim her

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rhetoric = the

O = I


How long is your new friend into her treatment and can you describe any of her symptoms Tonuptune_that are so distressing to you?

Please be assured that there is life after P.A., I've had it for 45 years and I'm still "clivealive" at 75.


have you talked to them about how the PA is impacting on the relationship.

you may also find it useful to look at the materials on the PAS website - which include information for people who are working and living with people with PA. In theory the symptoms you are experiencing are likely to be coming from the fact that she is actually being undertreated so symptoms of the B12 deficiency caused by PA are starting up long before she gets a maintenance shot.


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