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Thank you all

Just wanted to thank everyone for the help and advice when I lost my neve after hitting a nerve in my leg when self injecting. Managed to give myself half a ml a few days after and freaked out and pulled the needle out and couldn't go again.

Tonight I loaded and tried but had to leave I for an hour. Went back and tried freezing my leg a bit with some ice in a tissue and deep breathing with a pep talk that it won't hurt and 30 seconds will be worth the nip!

Managed to get it done and barely stung at all . Relief is an understatement :)

This forum is a lifesaver so thank you everyone and have a good new year ❤️

(Also had a PA IF test that came back "normal@ but sure it's only 50% accurate!)


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Well done JordanC. Knew you could do it 😀. Hopefully you'll have your confidence back now.

And your right about the IF test - negative results are only 50% accurate - you can test negative and still have PA (but a positive result is always positive).

And the very best for the new year to you also 💉💉😃


Well done! :)


I did that in my thigh once it hurt for a good few days and although I occasionally still inject thighs I genraly alternate upper atm


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