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Subcut or intramuscular

Hi guys

I've been self injecting every other day now for a month, using Hydro. I inject into my stomach using the 1/2 inch diabetic needles , I've just suddenly panicked and thought " am I doing this right" is there a benefit from doing intramuscular ? As in how you are absorbing the B12?? Or is the end result the same for either? Or am I just panicking that I'm not flying round by now! 🙈 I do feel brighter. My result was 162 and it was 512 one year ago.. so quite a bit of repair to do I should think. Is 3/6 months more realistic ?

Thank u 😊

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The jury is out on IM vs SC.

I couldn't find anything comparing the two routes for B12. With other drugs some are better one way, some are better t'other. But there's never a huge difference.

I don't think there's much in it.

Some symptoms can take a long time to recover. Are you sure you need such a high frequency of jabs? What happens if you leave it for a week?

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I don't know!... I know I feel better the day after I've had it.. but I think my thyroid is playing up, I'm on Levo and have raised antibodies , my t4 is low and I feel foggy if that makes sense ! I'm due a blood test mid Jan

So I shall carry on subcut then :) thank u


I find the sub cutaneous method works best for me, I've tried both IM it gets in faster but I think you excrete more as you can only use so much. With SubQ the slower absorption rate means I think you excrete less of it.

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Perfect thank u. When did u start to feel better? 😊


Next day I started to feel a little better. Gradual improvement then until I finished loading. Now I just maintain as soon as I feel symptoms creep in.


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