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Hi guys

I've been self injecting now for nearly 3 weeks, every other day. ( nurse did first one) dr has prescribed monthly for 3 months. My level was 162, does anyone have thoughts on when I should see some improvement ? I'm taking folic acid, and all other levels are good. Ferritin is 63, I have UAT which I take 125 mcg of Levo for.

Symptoms are : fatigue , forgetfull, headaches, dizzy, low mood, tinnitus ,breathless and general weakness . Intrinsic factor was negative , i eat fish and eggs and a normal diet.

Thank u

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  • Unfortunately, we are all quite different in the speed of response. Some symptoms should go fairly quickly. I found that my fatigue levels are the best indicator of how my levels are. When I had my loading doses it was fatigue that improved first. It was also the symptom to first return after a month.

    Best advice is to see how it goes with monthly jabs, and ask to increase the frequency is symptoms start getting bad again before the 4 weeks are up. Keeping a diary of symptoms vs treatment really helps to get a good idea as to how things are progressing.

  • Thank u.

    My plan was to keep doing every other day for now. The fatigue is just the worst thing , :)

  • That sounds like a good plan.

  • I whole-heartedly agree with keeping a log. In my case, I've found that balance and weakness issues were the first to disappear (within days of starting treatment), and the first to come back when I (try to) skip an injection. Fatigue has taken much longer to resolve but has very, very, veeeeery slowly gotten better. Memory is still shot. Been at it nearly 2 months now.

    As you probably know, many of those issues can also be due to low thyroid levels too, making it difficult to figure out what's what.

  • Yes exactly so my t4 is just above the range was 20 now 11, so I'm going to get my bloods done soon. I have hashimotos but the Drs don't seem bothered

  • oh wow that's low! good luck, it's a bit of an art, this hormone balancing business LOL!

  • Do u know much about Hashis? I reckon I'll be UA by the time I'm tested :/

  • Not suffering from it myself (I'm hypo but no antibodies), but from what I do know it's not really any different than treating just 'plain' hypothyroidism, since that's what it causes. And in addition, going gluten free seems to help a lot of people. I see you've posted on Thyroid UK before - that's a good group to check with.

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