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Colonoscopy and Movi prep

Help! I have a colonoscopy next week, I have too drink 2 litres of movi prep, im not anxious about the procedure or the pooping lol, its the drinking!!!! I have such a strong gag reflex that even a spoon of cough medicine makes me vomit. How on earth ill get through 2 litres I don't know. I know I have too, but does anyone have any tips.....Please

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Slow and steady. I don't recall it tasting of much at all. And it's only 1/4 L every 15 minutes.

If it helps you can make it up the night before and chill it.

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I found it hard to take the moviprep too! Its disgusting , Try holding your nose and drinking it. Like you the procedure didnt bother me , it was the drinking of the moviprep. Good luck!


What happened to the enima ?


I just had a colonoscopy and endoscope two days ago. This was my third. I drank 64 oz's of gaterade with miralax mixed in 32 ounces the night before and 32 ounces the morning of because my scopes were not until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I usually don't have a problem with this but the first night I drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes and I ended up vomiting it out which I have never done. So the next morning I slowed it down and drink 8 ounces every half hour and everything was fine. Please don't worry about the procedure itself. If you're nervous ask your doctor to give you a little Benadryl through your IV that completely relaxes you. Then they have you drink a little bit of numbing solution that they said taste terrible but did not bother me one bit and I was out cold. Not a bad experience at all I just had to slow down drinking the solution. Good luck and I'm sure everything will be ok. They've come a long way with those


I had this two weeks ago - and the 'procedure and the pooping' were absolutely fine. the movi prep is fairly disgusting, but I was advised to mix in a lot of squash to disguise the taste. I also found drinking very strong black coffee in between mouthfuls helped to cover the taste. It's not a nice process, so I send much empathy. It actually made me a little sick at the end, but it still worked. The procedure itself was a breeze!

Take your time, flavour the mixture and good luck!


Hi Dianebee

I found that it helped to use a drinking straw, perhaps you could try this and see how it goes

Hope that everything goes well with the procedure


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