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So the past 2 months I feel full after everything I eat in the upper part of my stomach. A few bites and I am full. People just think I'm being awkward with food or that my eating disorder from years ago has returned. I want to eat!!! I'm so frustrated. Waiting for a set of bloods to come back aswell as a b12 one. My level 5 weeks ago was 192. I also have an altered sense of taste where I can't really taste things anymore or the taste lasts for about a minute. Similar to when you have a cold which I don't. I have 0 appetite which I've always been a very good Eater and I can't seem to put on weight. Feeling nauseas sometimes. All this has happened after taking two sets of antibiotics for infections. But was just wondering if anyone has expirenced anything similar and do you think it could be related to the b12 PA? As I read on the PA list "being bloated and fullness". I'm really scared that's it's something serious going out of my mind.

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It's sounds as though you certainly have B12 deficiency , or maybe PA . If P. A. You will have low or no stomach acid, as a gastroenterologist explained to me . This means that your gut flora is upset which will give rise to bloating , feeling full , tummy discomfort and often nausea. You need probiotics . I used something called Symprove , which is expensive . So now I make my own RAW ORGANIC SAUERKRAUT ( Google for recipe or buy it at health food shop) The antibiotics you have taken will not have helped your case . Best wishes to you

How do you react to orange juice or tomato juice? If these cause no symptoms, you may have low stomach acid.

Are you drinking anything carbonated?

Taking any antacids?

These both lower stomach acid and make it harder to digest food

Damage to the vagus nerve between the brain and the stomach due to a B12 deficiency might give rise to some or your symptoms, nausea in particular.

Any issues with gluten or dairy products? Stop them for two weeks and reintroduce and then monitor over a 48 hour period.

Start recoding all your food, drink , meds and symptoms in a timed logbook. See if you can correlate a symptom 3 to 48 hours after eating, drinking or taking a medication. 6 to 24 hours are typical because the gut is involved.

When a symptom appears, you have to ask, what did I eat yesterday?

I lost my appetite completely for 2 years. I had to force myself to eat and after two bites, yes, I'd be full. I couldn't taste or smell so much. It was very frustrating! It took about a year of shots before my desire to eat food came back, now I have a moderate appetite.

Do you have other symptoms, like mood changes, tremors, or numbness in hands and feet (perhaps upon waking?)

192 is still pretty low. It sounds like you need injections.

My problems were there for years, but got much worse following abdominal surgery and heavy antibiotics.

I know it's scary what you're dealing with, I've been there. It will improve with time and proper treatment.

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