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False positive reading for pernicious anemia?

Hello again. Thanks for all the great advice on my first post a few weeks ago. I have a question I wonder if anyone can help me with. my gp told me I had tested positive for pa a few months ago and referred me to a neurologist. My appt is in a couple of weeks. My gp faxed through the relevant test results to the consultant and I collected copies for myself today. The results for pa state that my anti intrinsic factor antibodies are 2.47 when the range is less than 1.20 for a negative result. However there is a note from the lab stating that false positives are frequent when b12 injections have been given within one week of sample. I'm not sure if I had an injection in the week prior to the sample but had a few injections during the prior month. My GP said I have pa but is it possible this is just a false reading? My b12 levels are always in the low 200s and all of my symptoms tally very much with peoples experiences here. Any advice or help would very welcome! Thank you.

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Lee, suggest that you contact your GP and clarify the exact timing of the blood test v the previous B12 shot - it should all be relatively easy to get from your records. At least you would then know for sure if the week window might have affected the results.


With symptoms of B12d and levels in the low 200s unless you are a vegan what else could be causing this other than PA?

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