Small doses b12 helpful?

So I remembered today that I did a handful of B12 shots back in May Prob. only 8 at the most & each were only .40 mcg. I the stopped them as I thought they increased my anxiety & I did not know anything abt them. Then this October I resumed them maybe doing about 5-6 vials of .50mcg. Then I started the 1 gram about a week or so ago. My severe all over my body neuropathy started in January. Do you all think that the tiny amounts I did back in May & Oct. could have helped me in any way or no because the neuropathy was so bad during those times? May be why my test wasn't accurate. I did;t do them for about a week or so before the testing. Is 1mg the only effective therapeutic dose? Thank you again & again.

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  • Hi Carro64. Just a quick your earlier posts you talked about seeing an alternative doctor who wanted you to carry on with your B12 injections.

    What advice did he/she give you about dosage and frequency?

    It's really quite difficult to say about this because everybody reacts differently to the B12, and different dosages / frequencies suit different people.

    Some people keep a symptom log so that they can monitor the effect of injections against the reduction and/or return of symptoms - this might work for you. But it's not a quick process and takes time to work out the correct frequency.

    1mg of B12 is the most commonly used dose of B12, but some people used 1.5mg. The dose tends to remain the same - it's the frequency that changes (to suit individual needs). And some people find that taking 0.5mg more frequently helps. But again, it's an individual thing.

    And yes, taking supplements prior to serum B12 tests can affect the results - sometimes for many months.

    Have to say though, I'm still concerned that you have this neuropathy and don't appear to be seeing a neurologist.

    If you could let us know what tests and investigation you've had and, in particular, what consultant referrals you've had, we will be able to provide more advice to help you.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi. I've seen a neurologist and 2 drs that said I have small fiber neuropathy. I also have Lyme disease which causes small fiber neuropathy but mine went crazy and got much worse. I think bc of the nitrous from my surgery. My alternative dr said 2/week originally for the b12. Before I made the connection to the surgery. He told me to continue with it. But wasn't very clear on how often as it was over the phone. I was prescribed it last March to do 2/ week as part of my Lyme treatment but I stopped bc I thought it increased my anxiety. Wish more than anything in the world, I had not stopped. Thanks!

  • Hi Carro44. Oh dear, it sounds like you're having a very rough time.

    I think if your alternative doctor said to do the injections two weekly, then perhaps that would be a good place to start. The usual prescribed dose would be 1mg per injection.

    If you do as suggested above and keep a symptom log, it will help you notice any changes on a daily basis, as these aren't always easy to spot. Give each symptom listed a score between 1 - 10 on a daily basis and you will be able to spot changes. If there is a regular pattern of your symptoms worsening before the next injection, then you can then increase the frequency. Once your symptoms are kept at bay (and this can take several months, or longer), you can then start stretching your jabs out to a longer frequency.

    Some say that their symptoms do get worse when they start injecting. Nobody really knows why but one theory is that the nerves are receiving stronger signals and adjusting to these as part of the 'waking up' process. It might also explain why your anxiety feels like it is increasing (and anxiety can also a symptom of B12 deficiency).

    Don't worry about the after effects of the nitrous oxide - your B12 jabs give high doses of B12 and your B12 levels (which are already high) will remain so.

    I'm also wondering if,you remain under the care of a neurologist or conventional medic for the treatment of your Lyme disease and small fibre neuropathy?

    If you have a lot of pain, pregabalin or gabapentin works well for some people (it interrupts the pain signals to the nerves). If your alternative doctor is medically qualified, you can get a prescription from him/her. If not, your GP or primary medic will be able to prescribe some form you. Well worth a try, even as a trial, as it might well help you to get the pain under control.

    If you are struggling with anxiety, there's a good forum here on health unlocked where you will be able to get additional support from people in similar circumstances. May be an additional route for support, if it will help you.

    Don't worry because you stopped the B12 injections - just get started again. You'll have to be consistent and patient because sometimes it does take a while for improvements to kick-in. If you have had the symptoms for some time (which it sounds like you have), it takes a while to repair the damage and while it is not always possible to get rid of all the symptoms, people here often report ongoing improvements, even after a year of continuous treatment. So please take heart from that and try not to be too anxious.

    Good luck and take care.

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