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B12 frequency-a small victory?

I wrote a rant back in may entitled B12 frequency

.I moaned and groaned about my daughter who get 12 week B12 when she has presented with neurological problems and BNF 'recommends' is every 8 weeks FOREVER.I wrote to NICE and had a bit of a non committal reply and harassed my daughter to go with findings to her GP.....anyway 2 months on she went today saw a locum who said she would investigate and call her back.Good to her word she called her back and....WAIT FOR IT ...AGREED to every 8 weeks the caveat is its only for the next 6 months as daughter low in vit D and doc says that may have caused her numbness (even with injections daughters count only 150) but good on this GP taking the time.

Will keep you posted.

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This is good news, and it shows the value of persistence. Very pleased for your daughter.

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we'll see..... only needs another GP to disagree next time


Well done.


as I said ,we'll see may be back a-ranting in few months.


Good to read this beew


Wishing your daughter much healing with the injections and let's hope that they extend the 6 months!


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