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Utterly ridiculous GP (as per usual)


I am due my 3 monthly injection on the 21st December, but am going to be away, so I called the GP to book in a bit earlier. They literally said I could only have it at the earliest on the 13th December (completely arbitrarily!) and point blank refused to book it any earlier (I was asking for the 9th as I'm working from home that day and could actually get there when they have appointments). It's completely ridiculous, what do they think is going to happen by giving it a few days earlier.....good thing they don't know that I inject myself in the months in between my usual appointments to make my injections monthly eh?!

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I agree evilellie and another thing that annoys me is the "one size fits all" attitude regardless of our height, weight, age, metabolism or symptoms in the run up to the next injection.

I could say it really "needles" me :)


Shocking...but unfortunately not surprising.

Just goes to show how ill-informed many health professional are...good job you know better and can do it yourself 😀.

Hope you have a fantastic full of lovely life giving B12 holiday 😀 x

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Thanks yeah, I'm going to Spain for a bit, and plan to stock up on the easily available B12 while I'm there! x

oh that is crazy... what's with these gp's and b12.....

Yep I actually have a letter from the practice telling me not to ask for my injection early as it will not be given before my due date. I have been refused it two days early when going away and told I had to do without until I came back, would not give me it to have it done elsewhere. At present Nurse is trying to book me for 23rd Dec. as I'm due it on 26th but guess what computer won't let her! She is not happy about it either. She knows more about it than Dr's do and has given me a prescription to take away before as she is one of the ones who can prescribe, give stick notes etc.

I would just keep injecting yourself as and when you need to without telling your GP or they may stop giving you the bit they do! Thankfully you can't overdose on them :)

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Yeah, I wasn't planning on letting them in on that, though I have told the guy who does the injections that I tried out the mouth spray stuff. I did want to indicate to them that I don't feel like 3 monthly really works, but didn't want to piss them off too much. Kind of ridiculous to be pandering to them in this way when it's actually my body and health that they are messing with, but that seems to be the only way to get along with them.

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