Injections often?


I've recentlystarted self injection and have gone from every other day to everyday. I wondered if anyone else was doing this and how it has helped. I'm currently having withdrawal symptoms from coming off duluxetine..I was on that for depression and fibromyalgia. Although now think the depression was caused by PA and I'm still not sure if I have fibromyalgia or that is part of my PA symptoms. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment


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  • Hi

    I've been self injecting for a few weeks, and I started off thinking I'd try weekly, but I've ended up doing them every other day. I have to say I don't feel brilliant when I inject that often, but I feel spacey and eye-twitchy and tired without them. They also stop me feeling anxious - I'm not an anxious person, but I found that I was getting waves of nonspecific worry and unease for no reason at all. I'm going to stick with this regime for a while until I feel it's really stable, then I'll start to lessen the frequency. They cost so little, and it's impossible to overdose, so I'm going to get my levels nice and high on a consistent basis to repair any damage I can :)

  • I wonder if that's why my anxiety has improved since injecting every day

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