My MRI this aft ,but think it will just confirm the degeneration of the spine . But following summat that Clivealive said, have upped the folate to everyday ,cos I was a bit apprehensive about taking it. But pregnant women take it ,and I know my b12 levels should be higher at this point, so thus is day 4 on 2 sublinguals and 400 folate, taken with orange juice for the vitamin c and I feel a bit better .

Not holding my breath, cos know these things can give you a real boost to start with and then level off. But a few days of feeling a bit better, is great after the months of feeling crxx Now the problem is doc wants blood again on 13/12 ,so don't know whether to continue with this regime ,or stop all the add ons I am taking ,it is a difficult position to be in ,Will enjoy this bit of reasonable health while weather decent, I know how lucky I am ,and feel for all out there, one small progress at a time, friends.

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  • Depends on what tests the doctor will be doing. Serum B12 is likely to be high if you are supplementing - unless you stop for 3-6 months at the least. Folic acid woulld probably have adjusted but ...

    do you know what tests are being done - full blood count or....???

  • Full blood count

  • okay that means that they are probably looking for signs of macrocytosis - red blood cells slightly larger and rounder than they should be - in about 70% of people it's among the first symptoms of a b12 deficiency to manifest ... but that doesn't necessarily help if you are on of the 30%.

    If you have macrocytosis it takes about 4 months to clear once your B12 levels have been corrected.

  • Hi May61. What Gambit62 says....and just wanted to say...really pleased that you're feeling a bit better and good luck with the MRI results 😀

  • thanks

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