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Kicked Anemia with Metanx and / or weekly shots

A neurologist prescribed me metanx which is a prescription medicine food that make b12 and b 6 bioavaiable. After about two weeks, I began feeling great! My pharmacy game me the genetric foltanx. The medicine is designed to decrease neuropathy from diabetes which I dont have. My neuropathy from b 12 has really improved. Prehaps it is a consequence after 14 weeks of weekly shots, either way I am sticking with this med. The medicine is also for high homosistine levels which I had not been tested for until three days after starting the med and they were fine. I reported to my internist who prescripes my injections and he said it would not hurt to take foltanx with normal homosistine levels. (My MMA was over 800 when b12 problem was first found. I have read that high MMA goes with high Homosistine). AFTER THREE plus MONTHS OF WEEKLY SHOTS AND SUCH IMPROVEMENT MY INTERNIST PRESCRIBED ME A SHOT A WEEK FOR LIFE (renew every 6 months)! He said he was treating patient's symptoms / progress and not my labs! I never had to say my plan was to self inject from B12 from Canada, plan B. I Had a second MRI and spinal tab in last week to rule out MS. Will know by next Monday. The recovery from the spinal tab totally stinks (went on two flights next day...did not know about laying flat for 48 hours). I am looking forward to getting all of the behind me! The second MRI with contrast showed no change in the lesions or demyelation (5 weeks between). The radiologist that read borth MRIs did my spinal tab so we visited first, she did not think it looked like MS, Since B12 deficiency is often misdiagnosed as MS, I am hopeful.

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Metanx is high dose methylfolate and methylcobalamin which probably isn't going to do any harm. However, it also contains high dose B6 - which can cause peripheral neuropathy in high doses.

I would switch to 1000 ug methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges lozenges and 800 ug methylfolate if you want to spend money on those particular chemicals.


I used the methlcobalamin sublinguals and the did not work nearly as well. Should my folate be checked occassionally?


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