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Hello been taking sublingual


Hi whilst waiting for injections ive trued sublingual that i had jarrows 1000mcg twice a day ..

My hair seems softer and my mood a little better

I still have alot if symptoms and my face spasm weakness gets mych worse after i pee

I was holding into slit if fluid in my legs yesterday as normally bery thin but my legs were much bigger my jeans v tight and u cant gain weight that quick... coukd it be i needed more potassium ive always had to have my salt very high and low higg potassium food as seems to disrupt the balance and font feel good but may due yo adrenals being a mess i need a cortisol tests i think. Or maybe thet are improving and i now need more potassium

I know the main sisease is addisons but i have read b12 dedicent put a strain on all your hormones

I had been eating fruit and sweet stuff i shouldnt though and i have candida maybe to do with that i have what feels like something growing on my tounge and i ger thrush if i eat fruit and sugar etc

So i think i have noticed a alight improvement buti have to take tegular as still get mood drop and suddenly bad head ache but bit better than before

I have just finish period from hell moody v painful very heavy very down i hope this will improve

Hope ure all well xx

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have you had water-retention as part of your menstral cycle in the past - it is very common - generally in the build up to a period.

I certainly find that changes in hormones can bring back B12 symptoms - so that it could be an interaction with hormones rather than anything else.

If taking the methyl is easing things then I would stick with that - and stop eating sugary things if you know that that causes a problem - sounds like could be h. pylori

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Hi thankyou

Yes i di swell up near period and on it but also when i go off my diet if i eat gluten , yeast , sugar or soya i think....im not sure which one but my legs really swell up i get like thrush in my throat or mouth

Maybe my thyroid doesnt soya worse. Thyroid? Or the h plyroi like u said.

I har genetic testing says im prone to h ployri x

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