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injecting alternate weeks and suddenly tired!

Hi all, been a while since I posted but back for some advice.

I was first diagnosed in March when doc checked bloods and B12 was at 120. (Range 180+) I was exhausted and had a host of neuro symptoms. Seems I stopped absorbing B12 after contracting transverse myelitis (like a single, accute episode of MS, causing inflammation of the spinal cord) 2 years before.

I had loading doses with doc, and have been doing my own injections alternate weeks since then which has been going well. Back to near full health, exercising 3 times per week etc.

However the past few weeks I am suddenly very tired again! Needing to have a sleep every day, hardly able to keep my eyes open despite getting 8 hours at night. Also ringing in ears and sounds distortions (had both when B12 was low, and also following the previous illness). I haven't changed anything.

I'm wondering what to do next and looking for ideas....return to docs for repeat tests, increase B12 injections, increase supplements, change diet??? Any thoughts?

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See my reply to Lee1974 's post

Recently diagnosed with pernicious anemia

and also consider whether you are getting enough of the right amino acids from your diet. I need to have pork protein almost every day and fish every few days as well as everything else.

I hope you feel better soon.

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This has happened to me, I decided to try spatone iron supplements and within 2 weeks felt less tired and fewer migraines, although not 100%. It's a difficult one, as too much iron I believe is not good for you either, so usual advice is not to supplement without testing.

As usual with blood tests, I think the 'normal' result might be misleading. A relative of mine was gasping for breath at rest, and could barely walk, but the test results were 'normal' and breathing was also diagnosed 'normal'. After a fall, very low iron was finally discovered and after a blood transfusion she was breathing and walking normally again.

For me, the last blood tests I had some time ago didn't flag up high iron, and ferritin wasn't very high either although within range, so I thought I'd be ok with a gentle supplement. I'd also just read somewhere that unless ferritin is at the higher end of the range thyroid function can be affected, which can also make you tired - but I don't have an more info or evidence to back that up.

So what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way (!) is: you could try getting iron/ferritin tested??

And also, I'm amazed at your diagnosis. There seem to be so many conditions that impede or prevent B12 absorption. This is one I'd never heard of and I'm sure most doctors wouldn't have either.


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