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Continued macrocytosis-advice comments invited!

Continued macrocytosis-advice comments invited!

I understand that my macrocytosis is not vastly out of range. However currently it is the only clinical abnormality I have and am wary of dismissing it as insignificant-I'm highly symptomatic, housebound and doctors are struggling to find what is wrong. My B12 was tested in March and was 243 (although I had unwittingly been supplementing with approximately 500mcg B12 via an energy tablet/multivitamin for approximately three weeks before test).

I have no family history of macrocytosis and I found out that this first showed up in a blood test way back in 2003 (B12 was not checked).

Folate and thyroid have all been checked by myself and are OK. B12 is now over 2000, as expected with frequent injections.

The haematologist said she cannot push through an investigation -either for B12 or anything else - because my MCV is under 100.

I've had conflicting reports on longterm macrocytosis. Some say that being a little out of range is not necessarily significant - lots of things can temporarily enlarge your cells. Other documents state that longterm macrocytosis with no familial history should be investigated.

Most blood tests usually show a few nucleated red blood cells.

I have been injecting frequently (mostly daily) since the end of May.

I'm not sure if I should just accept that there might not be a connection between this and my current 'mystery illness' or try to find an explanation/push for an investigation into the cause.

Thank you.

Lastly-apologies for poor picture quality!

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If your slightly raised MCV was due to a B12 deficiency then this would have fixed itself by now if you've been injecting daily for 6 months. All your red cells would have been made in the last 3 months, or so.


Not the answer I wanted-but I am coming around to this too. My haematologist is ordering a paraprotein test which I think would rule out (or confirm) any more sinister causes of a slightly elevated MCV eg bone marrow cancers.

I guess it might be back to the drawing board with a single weak positive ANA test!


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