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Help understanding blood results

Hi all

just had some blood results back from a private lab

vit B12 134 (my result)

Then deficient is below 140

insufficient 140-250

My vit D was14

Deficient below 25

My question is if I take these results to my GP will he take them seriously as they have been done privately?

Are my levels significantly low enough for him to treat

I take folic acid and B12 vits every day (have done for a while

Thanks for reply in advance

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Yes, those levels are clearly low enough that they should be treated. Whether your GP will dismiss them is unknowable, but if that happens, you can prompt that doctor to run the tests for him or herself. When they get the same result that the private lab got they will have to take it seriously.

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What B12 are you taking? If it's high dose then that could boost your B12, meaning your true levels should be even lower.

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I can't see how they could ignore this result mully, even if it's a private lab. It's very low, especially in light of supplementation with B12, which usually skews results.....

The site below gives lots of information on how to proceed, with list of symptoms and templates for writing to GP - they might find a letter harder to ignore. There is also information under pinned posts here on the right hand side.

Latest BMJ research document, with useful summary and treatment procedures:

I hope you can get treatment you need quickly without any problems. Come back here if you do not...

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Re. low vitamin D result, these are the 5000 iu tablets I took last year, that resulted in GP saying it was the highest result she'd seen all year 🤗

The K2 is important as it ensures vitamin D3 goes to the bones and not the arteries:

"When you take more of one fat soluble vitamins you create a greater need for the others, If those others are lacking, toxicity symptoms result."

"Although vitamin D on its own will increase osteocalcin production, together vitamins A and D have what scientists describe as "remarkable synergistic effect" to boost osteocalcin output 19."

"vitamin D stimulates the production of vitamin K2 dependent gla proteins, thereby increasing the body's demand for vitamin K2 and the potential to benefit from K2. That makes vitamin D a superstar because the more vitamin K2-dependent proteins you make, the more calcium you can direct to the bones and away from the arteries, if you have the K2 to activate those proteins".

From "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life". Kate Rheaume-Bleue


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