numbness in eyelids

I have had numbness on my right eyelid and tingling. could this be related to b12 i also had floaters which are improving . it seems a bit better with sub lingual b12 and multivitamin with folate. any suggestions. i have had a stroke affecting right side but this is intermittant. it did get very bad down to 20 and i had the large blood cell anaemia complication. havent felt right since was so bad i got angina. any help appeciated .

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  • Hi 19191919. I'm assuming that your large cell anaemia (macrocytic anaemia) is being treatment by your GP and that you are having regular B12 injections for this?

    With your previous history of angina and a stroke (CVA) I'd leave nothing to chance and get this checked out by your GP (perhaps at an emergency appointment tomorrow - wouldn't want to wait several weeks for an appointment).

    If the numbness and tingling gets worse or spreads to other areas of you face, you have trouble with speech or swallowing, or either side of your body develops weakness, or you develop chest pain (not relieve by your angina meds), then I'd go straight to A & E and get them to check you out.

    Hope all goes well and please post again if you need any further help x

  • thank you i will x

  • 👍👍

  • went to docs another TIA thank you for caring x

  • 👍👍 Hope all goes well 19191919.

    Take care x

  • It did thank you. They did my B12 and it was ovr 800. I have been taking sub lingual from Holland and Barrett and folic acid. Didnt fancy self injecting and seems to work for me. Thank you again for the nudge x

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