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Whilst waiting for diagnosis is doing a guten free candida diet making me worse? Am i treating a symptom?


I have trouble with foods bread, fat, starchy carbs and yeast etc but i also have problems when out and didficult to eat anything!

Im waiting to have tilt table test nothing here i can eat ...

Will these allergies go once treated if i eat glutenir mayberge dat i swell up my legs get bigger and my belly lie suddenly put onweight and i loose it suddenly just as quick

I also have frequeunt urination and like i suddenly loose weight ...but hluten and ir maybe tge fat makes me swell up

Thanks x

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Have you had an HbA1c test for diabetes as some of those symptoms would match.


Sorry my spelling awful been fogged. Im not sure ive had so many tests over the years ...i have been tested for diabetes not recently ..

My spasm in my face gets worse after i wee....if i dont drink caffine im cold and very tiered but when wears off i feel bad again



Can u have mfthr and pernicous anemia?

Im a bit confused my nan had pa but maybe it was really mfthr

But what is confusing me is why its being left for me to trt and sort out whe i have no money and my symptoms are serious and affecting my functioning so badly...

Either way surley i should just bee given injections or wont they work if i have mfthr ? 🤔X


MTHFR has nothing to do with PA. So, no it won't affect B12 injections.

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So i habe a positibe mfthr double gene c677t.

My nan had oernicous anemia diagnosed years ago not mfthr, cpuld it be that my nan had mfthr really?

Or could i have pernicous anemia and mfthr?

Im exactly like my nan.

My mum also has alot if symptoms same as me and specialist told me other family members will have mfthr but mym mums b12 is 150 so she is getting injections

Ive done candida diet and when ive gone if it my b12 is lower... but i have spasms, tinitus, dizzy mood swings stress intolerance, bloating, constipation or sioreah, fat malabsorbtion, extreme fatigue, confusion , hypo blood pressure drops on standing...

Could it be ive been atraining my adrenals for years to compensate for the underlying problem caffine, excersise etc and jow my adrenals are knackered so getting alot more symptoms if b12 ...

I just need to undeeatand why ibe not just been given injections if apecialists are aaying uta to do with b12

And ive had it since school as had mottled skin nad curculation, depression thin etc even back at school...

Will injections help my mfthr ?

Sorry im just a bit confused or could i have both!



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