Before having B12 injections 3 months ago had persistent headaches tingling in arms and legs,memory loss, vertigo and a string of other symptoms,are these classed as neuropathy and should i have received injections accordingly. B12 132 ,and given 2 injections a week for two weeks then 0 for 3 months After six weeks my neck showed inflammation on one side and i tackled the doctor about the injections at that point B12 was 555 Last week after ultrasound on neck now have stiff neck on both sides, Pain in between shoulder blades moving down back before my 3 monthly B12 injection yesterday insisted on B12 bloods before hand All day yesterday had vertigo and can hear squelching when i turn my neck Last night went to go to sleep it was really scary like just going under anasthetic felt wouldnt wake up This morn vertigo gone but back and neck the same amtaking a multivitamin which has RDA of other B vitamins and folate Shall I tackle the doc again when i go for my results

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  • Hi may61 certainly you should make a list of your "new" symptoms and go back and present it to your doctor. Hopefully he/she may have got the results of the ultrasound and will be able to explain why you are having the pains in your neck and shoulders.

    Do you still have the "persistent headaches tingling in arms and legs, memory loss, vertigo and a string of other symptoms"? If so then ask your doctor for more frequent injections of B12 than the 3 months prescribed.

    I am not a medically qualified person but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice.

  • Yup, agree with clivealive about the symptoms he lists. The tingling, memory problems and balance problems are neurological and should be treated as such - with injections every 8 weeks, after a proper series of loading doses.

    Your inflamed neck doesn't sound like something that might be due to a B12 deficiency - so get it properly investigated.

  • I thought on reflection that they were have printed off nice guide lines and will tackle him hope I got the energy to Today after 3 monthly injection on Tuesday the day which I woke up with vertigo and had it all day very scary , today feel spaced out and neck and shoulders still same Wonder if neck and shoulders may be fibromyalgia Really getting worried My son has pernicious aneamia diagnosed last year but he won't get treatment My brother and sister also have b12 deficiencies and mother finished up with Alzheimer's which is why I am so worried

  • Already asked doc 6 Weeks ago about upping b12 injections cause I thought he hadn't loaded properly he just shrugged Went back two weeks later cos thought Goiter appearing and neck problems which is why I had ultrasound Had vertigo all day on Tuesday from waking had 3 monthly injection later in day Vertigo gone next day but still feel a bit spaced out Neck and shoulders still same Am going to try some sublingual b12 which my daughter takes cos she borderline b12 Will be seeing gp next week for results not expecting much joy have asked daughter to come with me Wis h had never started injections felt great for few weeks after but although b12 low at 132 was functioning in every day life Don't know what it meant when I had had loading of 4 injections but six weeks later b12 then showing 555 Had bloods done other day for b12 will it be lower On original blood work recommendations for intrinsic factor test and referral to heamatologist , he done none of that Don't think he knows what he doing

  • Hi may61 you say "My son has pernicious aneamia diagnosed last year but he won't get treatment"

    Why ever not?

    Also if it said on your blood work "recommendations for intrinsic factor test and referral to heamatologist"

    Why again has this not been done for you?

    Pernicious Anaemia can be inherited so with your son with P.A. and other relatives with B12 Deficiency this should be sufficient to get your doctor to take action in your case.

    I suggest you ask to have your Folate level tested too as this is essential to process the B12

  • My son was admitted in May with psychotic episode not the first and his blood showed b12 low He discussed my memory loss with his consultant and he said if was imperative I saw the gp and others in our family needed to be made aware of it That was the reason I went to the docs in June Trying to get my son who is 34 to do anything is difficult it the nature of the mental health situation I know how hard it is to get docs to do anything and you have to push push push cos my husband is bipolar He just bin hospitalised for a year cos the doc said there was nothing wrong with him when I knew he was heading for an episode It difficult but I will see what happens Thanks for the support

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