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First SI & Auto-Injector

Hi guys thank you for all the advice and encouragement. I have a life long needle phobia and have done my first SI yesterday using an auto-injector (shut my eyes when I pressed the button) lol. Success and No pain! Xx A lot of interest has been shown in the other group so I am including a link to the one I bought. It is a very well made and sturdy item compared to other cheaper ones on market and you choose your size of syringe you use and it is made specifically for that size. It has good safety features, it has a locking switch so needle cannot be released accidentally until you release switch and then press button to inject needle. It has led light which lights when touched to skin illuminating window in bottom which allows you to check for blood when you draw back to ensure you don't hit a vein. My IM injection using this was completely pain free - I have always found the injections painful and stingy before so that's a plus for me. Hope this helps others especially with needle phobias.

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Oh well done Gladriel1. Shutting your eyes and aiming seems like a good plan (so,long as you're aiming for the right thing 😀).

Hope you notice some real improvement soon and thanks for posting the link for others.

Take care x


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