Is it okay to have a b12 injection whilst on antibiotics please?

Hi, am sure this is probably fine, but thought I'd best check...I have a water infection ( negative from hospital, but showing red and white blood cells at Dr's ) and have had 3 days of one antibiotic, then swopped to another for 3 days which began to work, so given another 3 days as still blood cells and symptoms present. I wondered if anyone can tell me if it is okay to have b12 injection whilst on antibiotics please?

Many thanks...

Had to smile, it changed antibiotic to 'an idiots cd', but with an injection due any things possibles! :)

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  • I had both at the same time - no problem

  • Thanks very much last jillc39. I was a bit concerned at having a temperature and infection, but maybe it will help fight it!

  • Hi Jo5454

    I took 2 rounds of antibiotics and kept up with my B12 injections at the same time...No problem! :-),

  • Many thanks for your help ndodge :)

  • You are so welcome! :)

  • Yep, agreed, no problem, might actually help.

  • Thanks, lets hope so! :)

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