Another reason not to be given a B12 injection

10 days ago I went for my first 3 monthly B12 injection. As I had spots on my face , arms and back I asked the nurse what they were. To cut a long story short I have chickenox. I can't get my B12 injection until my spots have gone as they want to make sure the virus has gone before giving me my injection.

At this rate it will be nearly 4 months from my loading injections before I get my first top up.

Just having a rant and typing keeps my fingers away from many itchy spots.

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  • Don't know if this is of any use

    has some tips on dealing with chickenpox ... and rather interestingly mentions studies implying that B12 was helpful in dealing with the neurological symptoms of shingles which is caused by the same virus - same for vitamin E - may be worth trying the vitamin E anyway as might help with the itching.

    Guess they may be concerned about scaring but find it difficult to see what the real justification is for not giving you a B12 shot because you have chickenpox ... seems like you are perfectly justified in your rant!

    Really hope that you recover quickly.

  • I was living in Vienna in 1975 when I got shingles, Several B12 injections was the treatment .

  • well done you, at least there is one gp who knows a bit about b12. did she really say her dissertation was on b12. Ha! says it all.

  • Wedgewood - in that case perhaps I should increase my sublingual B12 back up to 5000 mcg. I hade been cutting them half to see if there was any difference.

    I am still getting new chickenpox spots 12 days after they first started to appear. Getting very fed up with it.

  • Just another thought here: Since you have chickenpox, you are much more suseptible to get shingles, which is a horrid, painful and long, long breakout, usually around the waist area. My Aunt had them and my cousin had them so badly that he almost killed himself. There is a vaccine that you should get to prevent you from getting's 51% effective to stop you from getting them! Only have to get one injection. I got reaction other than a sore shoulder for a few days.

  • Hi Carer999,

    Have they confirmed it's Chicken Pox with tests? Only reason I ask is that many of us get Acne-like spots with the initial large lead-in dose/s we're given when diagnosed - which do disappear within a few weeks.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Red itchy spots came out on my back and arms after my loading doses.

  • Agree with Aurora12 - need a serology test to confirm chicken pox because the rash may be due to the loading doses but will disappear in time. Also B12 used to be the treatment for shingles which is caused by the same virus - there's a anecdote on this topic in Martyn Hooper's blog.

  • I haven't had any test only a diagnosis from a doctor looking at them. The older spots are either fading or crusting over which I am told is typical for chickenpox. I finished my loading injections at the beginning of March. I have been taking B12 sublingual 5000 mcg reducing to 2500mcg since mid April as I couldn't get anymore injections and wanted to feel less tired.

    Lack of energy is one of my main problems and since Christmas I have been living half a life on good days so I thought I would try sublingual B12. I thought that as I had been on them for over 6 weeks before the rash appeared it wasn't the B12 and the rash appeared suddenly overnight on my back, neck, face and arms. Unfortunately I am still getting new spots 12 days after they started and I am getting fed up with them.

  • Hi,

    Perhaps the PAS could point you to info about why they are withholding your B12 injection?


    01656 769 717

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